Crisptones Band

When you angry inside
Seething, feeling mean
Vengeance on your mind,
Nothing can set you free,
I found a saving grace,
love overcomes hate,
I forgive the debt you owe Ho'oponopono
Ho'oponopono, Ho'oponopono, Ho'oponopono
When you standing at the gates
With the one who holds the weights
By the measure you used
Will determine your fate
With everything you know
You must let it go
To save your very soul
Ho'oponopono, Ho'oponopono, Ho'oponopono
To be free
To forgive is divine, waste no time
Here in lies the keys to eternity
Live and let live, love live forgive
Aloha, Ola, Ho'Oponopono
Ho'oponopono, Ho'oponopono, Ho'oponopono
Lyrics Credits: Dugie Mark Crisp
Music Credits: Dugie and Rob
Producer Credits: Tom, Mark, Rob
Story Behind the Song:
A song of forgiveness and reconciliation
Song Length: 4:01
Primary Genre: Rock-General
Secondary Genre: -
Lead Vocal: Male Vocal
Subject Matter 1: Karma
Mood 1: Peaceful
Similar Artist 1: Beatles, The
Similar Artist 2: Bob Seger And The Silver Bullet Band
Language: English
Era: 2000 and later