Crisptones Band

The Cowboy & The Actress

Up before the morning sun on a hillside in the rain
Just a simple cowboy out riding on the Range

She was a beautiful actress tired of Hollywood games
All the glamour people dropping names
She needed time to get away

Both live lives that are lonely, yet very different that is clear
But the cowboy and this actress, neither had a love to hold near
An all the while they never knew destiny would play its part
Something bigger watching over them bringing together to lonely hearts

It was just before winter
On a drive up 395 No way on that day she could have known
She?d meet a man who would change her life

This Rugged Sierra cowboy
While out to round up a steer
spotted a car along the highway
with a tire blown on the rear

He stopped to offer assistance
Saw the beauty in her eyes
As he stared her yellow hair was shining in the light
It was love at first sight

An all the while they never knew destiny would do its part
Something bigger watching over them making sure to fill their hearts

Its been 17 years now She is still right there by his side
Some days she works away while the cowboy stays
On the ranch in the country side

Lyrics Credits: Mark Crisp
Music Credits: Mark Crisp Guitar, Rob Crisp Bass, Rich Goorogian on piano
Producer Credits: Mark Crisp, Tom Gengel
Short Song Description:
Discrisption of how a cowboy and an actress fell in love
Song Length: 4:25
Primary Genre: Country-Cowboy
Secondary Genre: Folk-Country
Tempo: Slow (71 - 90)
Lead Vocal: Male Vocal
Subject Matter 1: Love at First Sight
Mood 1: Pleasant
Similar Artist 1: James Taylor
Similar Artist 2: Diamond Rio
Language: English
Era: 2000 and later