Crisptones Band

Last Night I Had A Dream
Last night I had a dream,
I was walking all alone.
Traveling down seventy seven miles of hard road.
At the end there was this rainbow, heaven calling me home.

We'll I looked upon the water
and saw a vision in my head.
I was standing in a white room at the end of a bed.
But my body was lying there
cold, stiff and dead.

We'll I looked across the desert and saw my life flash before my eyes
When this body turns to dust
where does the soul go when you die.
It's a question through the ages that still beyond a mans mind.

I looked into the mirror
and saw a reflection of myself.
But this skin, flesh and bone
isn't nothing but a shell.
Inside me is a spirit calling
on the good Lords help.
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Song Length: 4:58
Primary Genre: Country-Alternative
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