Crisptones Band

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Visalia, Ca
Great tunes Dugie... will you still know me when you're famous, :-)
ur bud John

Visalia, CA
Love you all, great site. Keep on playin and we'll keep on showing up. Love your music, always have.

Love you lots, Kim, Duane and Alyssa

Temecula CA
Congratulation on your award. I'm a long time friend of your key board player, Nolan Allen. I couldn't be prouder. Good going guys.

Visalia, CA
You guys are wonderful. I am so proud of you and it isn't just because we are related either. I wish you all the success in the world. I think you have only just begun your journey. I love you.

Bakersfield, CA
I'm proud to say, "I knew you when. Let's go to Cherry Falls soon." We can't quit listening! Love to the family.
Jimmy and Jenny Hannah

Abilene, Texas. Yes, TEXAS
Great job Mark. Hope you make it to Texas some day. Austin would love ya'll.

Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada
Hey there! Congratulations on all your music. Thanks for sharing. This has been a lifetime adventure, glad to be a part of it.

Visalia, CA
You Guys ROCK!! I love ya!

Shell Beach, CA USA
I love your music! Can't wait to hear you "live". I think I need a night to go drink...

Hey Duge you were awesome at the park.

Hey Robin,just ran into ya today in Exeter,It was great to see ya. Listened to the group, sounded great! Drop me an email when ya can. Really great to see ya and hope your doin excellent. Jam on brotha~~~
Rick Son

Madison, WI, USA
Love the site. Keep rocking and rollin. Cheers!

Hello,I love your site, great music & photo's. Kelly

Very good site! I like it! Thanks! . [URL=].[/URL]

Sandy, Utah
Great music. My Taylor's came out of North Carolina in an area of many Crisps and inter marriages between the Crisps & Taylors. I would like to talk to someone in your family that might be interested in comparing genealories. Keep up the good music.

Nice GB!

Visalia Ca AMERICA
From ALEX:whats up crisptones.and pops whats up.
From YSABELLA:hi pops and the band people.whats up.
Together we says: we love you pops

Pismo Beach
What's up Mark? Met you early August at SLO Down Pub. I'm impressed dude and that ain't easy to do. We had a good time talkin' bout the Beatles and you joined me on "For What it's Worth". Check out my stuff on myspace and get back to me. Let's do some work together. Ron Pagan.

Mark - what a great site - love the music - I will try to get my sweetie to take a road trip to Nipomo next month.

Visalia, Ca.
Hey guys every so often I through your CD's in and it is so neat hearing your music. So down to earth sound and words, it just gets your feet back on ground, I can see why you received those awards. Take Care Guys. Luv-u Franz

Grover Beach CA
You fellas are groovy

Maryville, TN
Howdy! Love the music. Had to include that Judith...

Arroyo Grande, CA
You guys are my favorite! You're music keeps getting better and better...

Las Vegas
Wow, I love you guys music. It is what makes my day. Hope to catch you live

Great to hear you guys are still at it!!!!

Visalia, CA
Good to see you are still at it, Dugie. Keep it going, brother

Porterville, CA
Congrats on your success

Visalia, CA
You guys just get better and better. Your family is so proud of you. We love you lots.

Thanks for the great New Years Eve show! Danced so much my feet were hurting more than my head the next morning!

Arroyo Grande Ca, USA
love the music guys. Always a pleasure to hear. Hope to see you all play soon.

great music bro. love listening to your music. was good seein you at Applebee's for Mean Jean

"accidentally stumbled" upon your facebook page tonite ... after searching youtube for some of your music ... especially like the song "Family Tree"! :)

Ivanhoe, Calif.
I'm so glad to know that you guys are still playin' and enjoyin' life! This sounds absolutely fabulous! Congratulations! Robin, you're still one of my favorite guitarists, and I hope you never quit. God bless!

Fulton, CA
So glad Terry L was kind enough to inform me of your beautiful music. Love your sound. I hope to catch you live one day soon. Congrats on your awards... Wishing you much success!

SaN Luis Obispo
Great job on the music last weekend in Visalia. thanks so much.


Reno Nv
lol another Crisp musician :) Good stuff CUZ